Mobile & Pc Programming


Micro PP is an indie develpoment studio borned in december 2018 by talented and experienced developers.

At the beginning our develompent was focused on mobile apps, but in 2020 when a graphic artist joined, we started our first pc game project.

App & Games


Andorid/iOS app

Piove Domani?

Andorid/iOS app


We ca build your app, game or website starting from a specific design or just an idea.

Mobile App

We will use Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile.

Desktop App or Game

We could use Electron or Flutter for your application or Unity3d or Godot if you want to create a game


We have experience in Angular, Vue and React, or if you want something simpler Wordpress.

We take part on development actively, giving suggestions about the product design in order to avoid potential pitfalls and to maximize development efficiency.


General inquiry

Do you want to get in contact with us? Send us a message! We're always open for new business opportunities, partnerships and community contributions.


Support inquiry

Have you got any trouble with our games? Did you find any bugs? Do you need some help? Contact us!